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So today I am off exploring the Luce Line Regional Trail. This is part curiosity and part research as I want to see how much of this trail is paved and what condition it is in before we decide to use it for a team ride in preparation for the MS 150.

The route for those who are not familiar with this trail: Click Here

I will update this post later with my reflections on the route.

Reflections on the route:

The Luce Line Regional Trail is a spectacular ride. The wooded scenery keeps the trail relatively cool, even on an 80 degree day. The trail is paved from Theodore Wirth Parkway to Vicksenburg Lane in Plymouth, and crushed limestone all the way to Watertown. The crushed limestone is going to eat about 5 mph from your cruising speed, so bring plenty of water. One other slight disadvantage of the crushed limestone is that after a decent rainfall, some parts of the trail still have standing water on the trail. I would suggest waiting a couple days after a rainfall to let the trail dry out.

That being said, it was the reason I elected to stop in Lyndale rather than continue on to Watertown. While in Lyndale, I stopped at the Ox Yoke Inn and had their Luce Line Lucy burger. This little piece of heaven consists of a half pound patty, grilled to order, smothered in bleu cheese and topped with bacon and your choice of fried or raw onions. It will run you about $13 with fries and a bottomless glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. If you have the time, I highly recommend stopping to enjoy this tasty part of the trail.

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